Hot Glue v0.4.7


Hot Glue Version 0.4.7
Jan 28, 2022

I’m thrilled that the initial reception to my (relatively) brand new prototyping toolkit has been great. The first few customers gave feedback to the product and I have some innovate improvements planned very soon. 

Today I am announcing Hot Glue’s Version 0.4.7 release: With this upgrade, Hot Glue is smart enough to understand your child tables and automatically create them with the correct parent association corresponding to the scope where they are created. 
You can read the full release notes here, or sample app on Github

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What is Hot Glue?
Hot Glue is a rapid development prototype toolkit for Rails Turbo. It is auxiliary (orthogonal) to Turbo, as the code it produces is fundamentally Rails Turbo code. 

Rails Turbo, which came out as part of Rails 7 (released in Dec 2021), is an exciting new alternative to traditional and slow SPAs (single-page apps).

What can Hot Glue do?
Hot Glue replaces the traditional Rails scaffolding tool only, while still letting you build on the many excellent conceptual compressions available in Ruby on Rails.  

Hot Glue can build you quick CRUD (create-read-update-delete) tables and list views. It invites you to define your own data schema and it will build you basic, cookie cutter-like interfaces. Hot Glue itself is a conceptual compression aimed at the UI layer rather than the backend layers within Rails.

Hot Glue is perfect for admin interfaces and ‘just right’ for user dashboards, where it uses a basic starfish access control model to protect your database from lazy parameter security holes and produce code with a basic access control protection model built-in. This is good enough for many apps, and can customized with an improved access control model for more sophisticated apps.

Can anyone use Hot Glue?
Yes! Hot Glue is free-as-in-speach for individuals/hobbyists who sign the social justice pledge, or you have the option to buy the Teachable tutorial. Any option for individuals/hobbyists includes a lifetime license. Businesses can purchase a 1-year license from my company Helios Dev Shop which comes with support. 

What’s new in Version 0.4.7?

Consider the classic User has_many :invoices

In this mini-example, notice that Hot Glue can build both Gd and non-Gd controllerssupporting automatic parent relationships to the child tables (portals).

When you make a new Invoice, it gets created attached to the user in the context where you created it.

Here, users have access to only their own user record and their own invoices (invoices belonging to them by a user_id relationship.)

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