Netlify was the first of the “new kids on the block” for 12-factor deployment and the

It was founded in San Francisco originally called “MakerLoop.” In 2017, they rebranded as Netlify.

Netlify is very popular with the Node.JS ecosystem. They boast very low costs and are excellent for static websites. As well, Netlify uses a built-in CDN which makes it perfect for static high-traffic websites.

Netlify has a super-easy “New Site From Git”

New Site from Git
Netlify new Site screen

Netlify CMS:

Netlify Serverless Functions:

Netlify provides an option for these use cases with “Background Functions,” but you’ll need to be on the Pro plan. They allow you to deploy serverless functions that run between 10 seconds and 15 minutes. This way, you can run asynchronous heavy jobs such as batch processing, scraping, and the likes.

• No Edge caching for serverless functions.

Netlify Edge:

Netlify Workflow:

Netlify’s strengths: Quickly connect Github, Gitlab, or Bitbucket; best for static websites

Netlify’s weaknesses: Not good for cluster-deploy apps. No cron jobs.