Vercel was founded in 2016 under the name Zeit. Their original mission was: “empowering solo developers to effortlessly deploy their apps.”

When they rebranded to Vercel, the mission updated to “to provide the ultimate workflow for developing, previewing, and shipping Jamstack sites.”

Vercel is the “React Framework” platform that is the company behind NextJS, the “React Framework.”

Vercel Platform

Vercel Web Tracking

Vercel tracks Web Vitals metrics from the front-end. This means you need to install frontend code to make it work.

Vercel Edge network

Vercel Serverless Functions

Vercel serverless functions are synchronous by nature; once the endpoint returns a response, the server stops any processing related to that request. This means you can’t run any background tasks or any asynchronous jobs that take a long time. Anything over 10 seconds will timeout on the free plan and anything over 60 seconds on the Pro plan.

Edge Caching for serverless functions.

Vercel’s Strengths: React! And a billion other things. Specialized ecosystem of addons (Analytics, A/B testing)

Vercel’s Weaknesses: Analytics require Javascript-side code