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December 2005

Kerberos does not send passwords in the clear or encrypted -- in fact, it uses a three-part key-based scheme to authenticate services (mail, sign-on, file services, etc) along with a KDC Server to NEVER SEND THE PASSWORD OVER THE NETWORK. This is done entirely...

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How does enable/disable File Access Control List on a volume affect whether or not you can "Use Standard POSIX behavior" or "Inherit from parent" when configuring a sharepoint (on that volume) in the AFP protocol configuration. When ACL is enabled on a volume, the options...

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- Show input menu (shows list of users) - use VoiceOver at log-in window (will speak everything to you at the login window) - show password hints (after three attempts, shows the hint for this user). - show Reset, Sleep, and Shut Down buttons If a master password is...

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