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January 2020

React's Virtual DOM arguably revolutionized web development. In short: React will keep a copy of the DOM in its own memory space. When you make updates, for example, several updates to component state, the React will manipulate the Virtual DOM first, performing all of the...

Read More Thomas Bery told us about his project to build, a social listening platform he has been working on as passion project. Fil Zembowicz, who says he runs a company called FormSort, gave a talk called "Grappling with Higher Powers". @fzembow on twitter. Jessie Wu...

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A Vision of the Future

In the future, intelligent apps will integrate seamlessly with our lives. Software will do all kinds of things and we'll take it for granted: the interface scrolls smoothly, objects fade and pulse as you move between elements or steps, a series of quick-access buttons let...

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Today I've finished version 0.5 of my new Gem, Universal Track Manager. It's a plug-and-play Rails engine that you install into your Ruby on Rails application with just three simple steps (see the README). You can then immediately pick up your visitors': IP address Ad campaign...

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