2: Your Weather App (React Native & Hooks)

Every tutorial starts by building a Weather App, and this one is no different. Today, we’re going to build your weather app. That means you should call it your name and your first assignment — at the end of this lesson — is to make your weather app unique to you somehow.

Since my name is Jason, my app is going to be called JasonsWeatherApp. Unless your name is also Jason, this should not be the name of your weather app — use your company name or pet’s name or anything that makes it feel unique to you.

This will be your first start-to-finish React Native project. Even though the coding examples are done for you, it’s important to feel a sense of ownership of your project so that’s why I want you to make it somehow unique to your experience of the weather.

To be successful here, you will need to have mastered React useState and useEffect. If you do not know those Hooks, start with the React BuiIlding Blocks course before doing this lesson.