Field Types Supported

Column TypeHow it’s displayedHTML Element
Integers that don’t end with _iddisplayed as input fields<input type="number">
Foreign key integers that do end with _id

displayed as drop-downsYou must have a Rails association defined. (Hot Glue will warn you if it can’t find one.)
If your foreign key has a non usual class name, it should be using the `class_name:` in the model definition.
UUIDs (as primary key)
Works seamlessly for the `id` field to make your primary key a UUID
(primary keys are never displayed)
UUIDs (as foreign key)
All UUIDs not named `id` are assumed to be foreign keys and will be treated as associations.
displayed as drop-downs
String (varchar SQL type)displayed as small input box;<input type=”text” size=”40″ />uses the limit set on the database if set; or 40 characters width if not is set
Text (text or bigtext, etc)displayed as large textarea <textarea cols=”40″ rows=”5″></textarea>uses the limit / 40 characters per line to determine height of text area, with maximum height of 5 lines
Floatdisplayed as input box with a width of 5 spaces<input type=”text” width=”5″>
Datetimedisplayed as HTML5 datetime picker
Datedisplayed as HTML5 date picker
Timedisplayed as HTML5 time picker
Booleandisplayed radio buttons yes/ no
Enumdisplayed as a drop-down list (values are defined the enum values on your model)For Rails 6 see this post.
AFAIK, you must specify the enum definition both in your model and also in your database migration for both Rails 6 + Rails 7