A Vision of the Future

In the future, intelligent apps will integrate seamlessly with our lives. Software will do all kinds of things and we’ll take it for granted: the interface scrolls smoothly, objects fade and pulse as you move between elements or steps, a series of quick-access buttons let you do the things that you do most, personalized interfaces know when, what, and how you need information and control, without you having to personalize it.

Video will be everywhere, and self-expression will be the norm.

Immersive touchscreens welcome visitors, allowing them to scan their phone to check-in to an event. Visitors who come to your website give you their email without having to lift a finger. As your customers call in to your service center, their phone tree experience is tailored just for them.

Platforms will dominate the industry, but extensibility will rule the day.

How do we build such a future? Rooted in mindfullness, well executed software will take into account the human-technology component: the dynamic symbiosis that is forever humankind’s predicament. 

To build the software with contemplative awareness within the dynamism of the journal, the most important thing to consider is pacing. Go fast enough to maintain the momentum but slow enough to see where you are going. 

By Jason