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January 2010

There are three ways to invoke a method. Most of the time you'll probably only need #1, but #2 and #3 are used when you are doing something called metaprogramming - calling methods based on dynamic information. 1. object = puts x.some_method #=> 282660 2. puts x.send(:some_method) #=> 282660 3....

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Reads a file line by line into an array my_stuff my_stuff = [] file ="config/random_categories.txt", "r") while (line = file.gets) my_stuff << line.chop! end file.close my_stuff Pass file to block"my_file.rb", "r") do |infile| while (line = infile.gets) puts "#{counter}: #{line}" counter = counter + 1 end end Read File with Exception Handling counter = 1 begin file ="readfile.rb", "r") while (line...

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