React Native Wrapper 🍬

React Native Atomic

This course is called React Native Wrapper. It is a “dive right in” course for learning React Native. The examples will be for building on macOS and will use Expo as the build environment for learning how to build React Native apps.

If you aren’t familiar with “ES2015+” (that is, all the versions of EcmaScript including and that came after ES2015), start with:

Modern Javascript (2015+) Fundamentals 💻

If you aren’t familiar with React Props & State, & Hooks, go through:

React Build Blocks 🧱

The best part about starting with the course above is that you can skip learning about React classes (deprecated) completely. However, to move forward with the React Native examples, Modern ECMAScript (Javascript) won’t be covered again nor will the basic React hooks covered in the fundamentals course. Therefore, the two courses above should be considered prerequisites.