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June 2009

symbolwhat it does +concatenate "a" "b" => -1 >> "a" "a" => 0 >> "b" "a" => 1 Some more string methods, using examples: >> s = "hello" => "hello" >> s.concat(" world") => "hello world" # .concat is same as + >> s.insert(5, " there") => "hello there world" # inserts substring into part of the...

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Some great shortcuts for script generation. I always try to start by building scaffold for any new entity, then remove the scaffold as needed, leaving only the pieces of the scaffold which I need. to generate a new model: script/generate scaffold Person age:integer first:string last:string some_list_id:integer * This...

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How can I search for available rake tasks? rake -T | grep gem (where "gem" is the thing you are searching for) The above example will return all of the rake tasks relating to gems: rake gems ...

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Gems are installed by sources, or a repository which holds several gems. Generally all the gems you will need are either in or, so once you setup these two sources you don't need to setup more sources until you need a gem from...

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