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March 2009

First, isntall MySQL package installer from DON'T DOWNLOAD THE 64-BIT VERSION!!! You must download the 32-bit version even if you have a 64-bit machine. Then I was able to run this. Note: it is important to give the gem installer the -with-mysql-config flag, and point it to the...

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Some handy information about working with those less-than-percent sign things that appear in Emulated Ruby, or .rhtml files. examplewhat it does evaluate/execute ruby code evaluate & return to buffer (result will be included in output) strip whitespace before tag strip whitespace after tag ...

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Some great shortcuts for script generation. I always try to start by building scaffold for any new entity, then remove the scaffold as needed, leaving only the pieces of the scaffold which I need. to generate a new model: script/generate scaffold Person age:integer first:string last:string some_list_id:integer * This...

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Passenger is a great thing because it makes Rails apps able to be deployed on Apache. The installation is pretty painless, but there are a few gotchas you may want to know about. Start here: sudo gem install passenger The installation will prompt you to add this...

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