Hot Glue Quick-Install Mega Script

This is the same as what you will find at the Rails Cookbook for sections:

1, 2B, 2B-Capy, 3, 4A, 5, 6A, and 7A

Remember to use your Node and Ruby manager (nvm, rvm, nenv, rbenv, asdf) to switch into the Ruby and Node versions you want to build your new app with (the latest versions) before running this script.

echo "please give your new JSBundling Rails app a TitleCase name:" && read APP_NAME && rails new $APP_NAME --javascript=esbuild --database=postgresql && cd $APP_NAME && CURRENT_NODE=$(nvm current) && echo $CURRENT_NODE >> .node-version && printf "Node + Ruby versions are in \`.node-version\` and \`.ruby-version\`, respectively.\n\n# Setup\n\n\`bin/setup\`\n\n# Start Rails\n\n\`bin/dev\`\n\n# Run Specs\n\nrun with \`bin/rake\`" > && git add . && git commit -m "initial commit with $(rails -v), Node $CURRENT_NODE, Ruby $(more ./.ruby-version)" && sed -i '' -e 's/ruby-//g' .ruby-version && RUBY_STRING="ruby \"$(more ./.ruby-version)\"" && sed -i '' -e "s/$RUBY_STRING/ruby'.ruby-version').strip/g" Gemfile && git add . && git commit -m "fixes .ruby-version file and sets Gemfile to use .ruby-version file" && bin/rails db:create db:migrate && git add . && git commit -m "adds schema file" && rm -rf test/ && bundle add rspec-rails rspec-wait factory_bot_rails ffaker vcr simplecov dotenv-rails webmock --group "development, test" && bundle add simplecov-rcov launchy --group "test" &&
rails generate rspec:install &&
git add . && git commit -m "adds rspec, factory bot, ffaker, vcr, simplecov, and launchy" && printf "\n.env\n.env.local\n.env.*.local\n\ncoverage/" >> .gitignore && printf "" >> .env.local && git add . && git commit -m "adds .env, etc and coverage/ to .gitignore file" && sed -i '' -e 's/RSpec.configure do |config|/RSpec.configure do |config|\n  config.include FactoryBot::Syntax::Methods\n/g' spec/rails_helper.rb && sed -i '' -e "s/RSpec.configure do |config|/require 'simplecov'\nrequire 'simplecov-rcov'\nclass SimpleCov::Formatter::MergedFormatter\n  def format(result)\n\n\n  end\nend\nSimpleCov.formatter = SimpleCov::Formatter::MergedFormatter\nSimpleCov.start 'rails' do\n  add_filter \"\/vendor\"\nend\n\nVCR.configure do |config|\n  config.cassette_library_dir = \"spec\/fixtures\/vcr_cassettes\"\n  config.hook_into :webmock\n  config.ignore_request do |request|\n    [\"\", \"\" ,  \"\", \"\"].include? URI(request.uri).host\n  end\nend\n\n\nRSpec.configure do |config|/g" spec/rails_helper.rb  &&  git add . && git commit -m "adding factorybot and simplecov to Rspec config" && sed -i '' -e 's/< Rails::Application/< Rails::Application\n	  config.generators do |generate|\n      generate.helper false\n\n      generate.assets false\n      generate.helper false\n      generate.stylesheets false\n      generate.test_framework :rspec,\n                              request_specs: false,\n                              view_specs: false,\n                              controller_specs: false,\n                              helper_specs: false,\n                              routing_specs: false,\n                              fixture: false,\n                              fixture_replacement: "factory_bot"\n    end\n/g' config/application.rb && git add . && git commit -m "disables extraneous generators" &&
mkdir spec/features  && printf "require 'rails_helper'\n\ndescribe 'homepage' do\n  it 'can load' do\n    visit '/'\n    expect(page).to have_content('Hello World')\n  end\nend" >>  spec/features/homepage_spec.rb && printf "Capybara.register_driver :selenium do |app|\n  options =\n    # It's the headlese arg that make Chrome headless\n    # + you also need the disable-gpu arg due to a bug\n    args: ['headless', 'disable-gpu window-size=1366,1200'],\n    )\n\n\n    app,\n    browser: :chrome,\n    options: options\n  )\nend\n\nCapybara.default_driver = :selenium" >> spec/rails_helper.rb && git add . && git commit -m "basic capybara example"  && rails generate controller Welcome &&
sed -i '' -e 's/class WelcomeController < ApplicationController/class WelcomeController < ApplicationController\n  def index\n\n  end/g' app/controllers/welcome_controller.rb &&
printf "Hello World" > app/views/welcome/index.html.erb &&
sed -i '' -e  's/# root "articles#index"//g' config/routes.rb &&
sed -i '' -e  's/Rails.application.routes.draw do/Rails.application.routes.draw do\n  root to: "welcome#index"/g' config/routes.rb && git add . && git commit -m "generates Welcome controller" && bundle add bullet active_record_query_trace byebug --group "development, test" && sed -i '' -e "s/Rails.application.configure do/Rails.application.configure do\n  config.after_initialize do\n    Bullet.enable        = true\n    Bullet.alert         = false\n    Bullet.bullet_logger = true\n    Bullet.console       = true\n    Bullet.rails_logger  = true\n    Bullet.add_footer    = true\n  end\n/g" config/environments/development.rb && printf "if Rails.env.development?\n  ActiveRecordQueryTrace.enabled = false\n\n  ActiveRecordQueryTrace.level = :full # :app, :rails, or :full\n  ActiveRecordQueryTrace.lines = 10\n  \nend" >> config/initializers/active_record_query_trace.rb && echo "\n.byebug_history" >> .gitignore &&
git add . && git commit -m "adding byebug, bullet, active_record_query_trace" && bundle add rubycritic --group dev && bundle install && printf "bundle exec rubycritic" > bin/rubycritic && chmod 0755 bin/rubycritic && git add  . && git commit -m "adds rubycritic; run with bin/rubycritic" && bundle add hot-glue && git add . && git commit -m "adds hot-glue" &&
rails generate hot_glue:install --layout=bootstrap && git add . && git commit -m "hot glue setup (bootstrap)" && bundle add sassc-rails && bundle install && git add . && git commit -m "adds sassc-rails" && bundle add cssbundling-rails && rails css:install:bootstrap && sed -i '' -e 's/Rails.application.configure do/Rails.application.configure do\n  config.sass.inline_source_maps = true/g' config/environments/development.rb && git add . && git commit -m "adds cssbundling-rails with bootstrap" && sed -i '' -e 's/# gem "sassc-rails"/gem "sassc-rails"/g' Gemfile && bundle install && git add . && git commit -m "adds sassc-rails" && bundle add kaminari --git="" --branch="master" &&
rails generate kaminari:views bootstrap4 &&
sed -i '' -e "s/class: 'page-link'/class: 'page-link', 'data-turbo-action': 'advance'/g" app/views/kaminari/_first_page.html.erb app/views/kaminari/_gap.html.erb app/views/kaminari/_last_page.html.erb app/views/kaminari/_next_page.html.erb app/views/kaminari/_page.html.erb app/views/kaminari/_prev_page.html.erb && git add . && git commit -m "adding kaminari and views" &&  bundle add sassc-rails && budle install && git add . && git commit -m "adds sassc-rails"  && echo 'class EnablePostgresEnums < ActiveRecord::Migration[7.1]\n  def up\n    enable_extension "plpgsql"\n  end\nend\n\n' >> db/migrate/00000000000000_enable_postgres_enums.rb