The PLATFORMS section of your Gemfile.lock

Some gems require binaries (google-protobuf, nokogiri, Sorbet). When bundle installs, bundler will download and install the binaries specific to your operating system.

Be sure that you are using the bundler version specified in your lock file. If your OS is using a different platform from the ones listed under the ‘PLATFORMS’ section of the lockfile

If you are setting up a project for the first time, you’ll need to tun this to get your bundle to install on a remote system, like CI or a deployment provider

bundle lock –add-platform x86_64-linux

Each of the developers on the team needs to have their platform listed under “PLATFORMS” section of the Gemfile.lock. WHen a new developer is setting up the app on a new machine, sometimes bundler will hiccup with this message:

If that is the case, modern versions of bundler won’t take away binaries for other developers’ platforms— it will leave them all in place so that the other environments also continue to be supported.

once all the developers’ platforms are listed correctly, bundler will stop removing other platform binaries when you run bundle install. Older versions of bundler behaved differently, so be sure to update bundler.