After many years, I decided that my gem nondestructive migrations needed a facelift. It had some cruft I didn’t want, was packaged in the wrong way, and Alex Chaffee brought up a legitimate objection to the nuance of its name: the discriminating factor that differentiates these migrations is not destruction, he argued, and so the gem is likewise misnamed.

For all of these reasons, and to fix a problem with bundler’s ability to smoothly upgrade, I am renaming and replacing nondestructive migrations with nonschema migrations.

As well, this approach implements different versions of this gem for each different version of Rails, which became necessary when


was renamed to


where X.X is the Rails version number. This strategy will allow bundler to easily pick up the new version of this gem when you upgrade Rails, and in the future I will release this along with Rails’ own release schedule.

By Jason

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