There are two pieces of small insanity that one will experience when being a professional web developer running tests using Selenium or Chrome driver under macOS Sonoma

1/ ChromeDriver gets attached to an old version, causing the security vulnerability shown here:

        session not created: This version of ChromeDriver only supports Chrome version 121
        Current browser version is 119.0.6045.105 with binary path /Applications/Google Chrome for Chrome for Testing

This small insanity seems to crop up with the way Brew installs chromedriver.

Chrome Driver for Testing cannot be explicitly allowed to be run by a third party developer, and continually shows a warning message for each and every test that is run:

I threw away Google Chrome For Testing 119 that wouldn’t update itself.

because it made me mad that it couldn’t update itself. What kind of an app can’t update itself in 2024?

so that (throwing it away) made me happier (like Marie Kondo promised) (edited) 

and then I ran brew install chromedriver and then I did a little voodoo and then this time when I

And a joyously passing test suite. So that’s my parable. Goodnight y’all!

But in fact the real fix is NOT VOODOO

The fix that I have found to this problem is to run this special command to de-quarantine the app

xattr -d /Applications/Google\ Chrome\ for\

The failure of the Chrome team to have a verified binary is described here, as is the fix:

By Jason

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