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Jason Fleetwood-Boldt

This dredded error message happens very rarely when using rvm. Sometimes a command provided by a gem or any execution to a ruby script (or a rake task) results in this error on the command line: dyld: Library not loaded Typically I've seen this happen when I...

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Generally programmer wisdom is to "stay current" with the latest versions of working software. However, this is not always feasible. today I spent some time today discovering that that ember-cli, Node, and NPM are, shall we say, under active development (to put it politely) so much...

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An anti-pattern is a set of practices or habits (in the context of computer programming) that although are common and repeated are ultimately unhelpful or detrimental. Why anti-patterns form is beyond the scope of this blog post, but today I'd like to explore some practices...

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One of the often under appreciated situations in web development today are thing inherent to the process that create blockers inefficiencies when a developer is doing his or her day-to-day work. I am firm believer that inefficiencies are in fact blockers. and you should work hard to eliminate them. Although this might be difficult for ‘the business’ (managers, stakeholders) to understand, these things should be treated with the same importance as a “blocker” that you might bring up at stand-up. Failure to treat inefficiencies compound the problem, eventually leading to waste. Here are 9 things that make teams slow, and what you should do to address them on your team.

Debugging Javascript in Capybara feature specs can be challenging (to say the least), because AFAIK you can't drop 'debugger' into your javascript and run the code and be debugging in Chrome. However, I learned today you can do a little fancy footwork to be able...

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I just discovered something relatively simply that eluded me since the very start of my career in Rails. You’re working on several branches, migrating between them sometimes having to run a db migration. Sometimes you or a colleague writes a non-forward compatible migration, making the code on master (for example) unable to be run against a later migration that happened in a different branch.