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First, isntall MySQL package installer from DON'T DOWNLOAD THE 64-BIT VERSION!!! You must download the 32-bit version even if you have a 64-bit machine. Then I was able to run this. Note: it is important to give the gem installer the -with-mysql-config flag, and point it to the...

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How does enable/disable File Access Control List on a volume affect whether or not you can "Use Standard POSIX behavior" or "Inherit from parent" when configuring a sharepoint (on that volume) in the AFP protocol configuration. When ACL is enabled on a volume, the options...

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ADDRESS BOOKs DATA FILES ~/Library/Application Support/AddressBook/ ABPerson.skIndex Images ~/Library/Preferences Address Book will exhibit funny behavior if you start messing with its data files. Sometimes it will start up with an error message Data base is corrupted. (I have seen this happen when I move over the four files in...

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~/Library/Safari/ Bookmarks.plist Downloads.plist Form Values History.plist Icons - copying over these items to the new ~/Library/Safari folder seems to work ...

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