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Jason Fleetwood-Boldt

My colleagueReid Cooper and I discovered a nice little trick of controller concerns, something we sometimes call "behaviors" in our app (typically implemented as modules). We found a trick from this link that lets us mix in behavior into both a controller and view helper,...

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For Mac OS X users using the "Mail" app: Check your Gmail on the web: Mailvelope Chrome plug-in If you use Outlook on Windows:

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def wait_for_ajax  counter = 0  while page.evaluate_script("typeof($) === 'undefined'")   counter += 1   print "^"   $stdout.flush   sleep(0.1)   raise "Jquery not initialized after 10 seconds." if counter >= 100  end  counter = 0  while page.evaluate_script("$.active > 0")   counter += 1   print "_"   $stdout.flush   sleep(0.1)   if counter >= 100    msg = "AJAX request took longer than 10 seconds."    if page.driver.respond_to?(:console_messages)     msg << " console messages at time...

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First you need to know how to connect to your Heroku application using bash. You can then use the du -h command to get a read on how big the files inside your slug are. heroku run bash -a yourappname Once you've done that, here's the magic...

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