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This is the 76th NY Tech meetup; September is going to be the 6th year anniversary. Nate has a little self back-patting before getting to the show. Nate toutes his work brokering a connection for NY high school students to get placed as interns at...

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Usual round-up of tonight's NYTM with my brief annotations. - A personal betterment site. "Learn look and feel better." Helps independent freelances find clients. Online booking system, availability is displayed and clients can book freelancers online. Nice look site, looks like it could be rails,...

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The most dramatic thing at tonight's New York Tech Meetup was, far and away, Scott Heifferman, founder of, smashing an iPad on stage (yes, it was a real iPad). Perhaps the furor over Apple's ubiquitous onslaught of advertising got to him, perhaps it was...

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