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Today I’ll take a moment to expound on how web development has changed over the last two decades. Long ago, when we started back in the 90s, connections were slow and web pages didn’t change much.

In the design of the internet itself is something you should be familiar with if you are reading this post: browser caching.

This is to fix build, slug, and caching problems related to asset compilation during slug compilation. Everyone needs a little spring cleaning, right? No, really. Sometimes when I switch around buildpacks or change up assets I run into a strange asset cache problem. Here's the...

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My colleagueReid Cooper and I discovered a nice little trick of controller concerns, something we sometimes call "behaviors" in our app (typically implemented as modules). We found a trick from this link that lets us mix in behavior into both a controller and view helper,...

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For Mac OS X users using the "Mail" app: Check your Gmail on the web: Mailvelope Chrome plug-in If you use Outlook on Windows:

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def wait_for_ajax  counter = 0  while page.evaluate_script("typeof($) === 'undefined'")   counter += 1   print "^"   $stdout.flush   sleep(0.1)   raise "Jquery not initialized after 10 seconds." if counter >= 100  end  counter = 0  while page.evaluate_script("$.active > 0")   counter += 1   print "_"   $stdout.flush   sleep(0.1)   if counter >= 100    msg = "AJAX request took longer than 10 seconds."    if page.driver.respond_to?(:console_messages)     msg << " console messages at time...

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