There’s an issue with the cable modems and DSL modems holding the address code (“machine address code” or “MAC address”, although the later is really repetious) holding the ethernet ID of the computer it is connected to. This has been observed when trying to switch over a DSL or cable modem connection to a new computer or to a router. Although the computer’s TCP/IP preferences have been checked, the ethernet ports of the machines have been tested, and the connections to the hubs have been tested, no TCP/IP services are available. I have found this while attempting to configure PPPOE (for DSL) on Verizon and Earthlink. Although the MacPOET client says “Session in Progress…” and “State” is “Opened”, you are unable to load web pages. When you switch back the cable to the machine it you are moving it from it works.

Sometimes the PPPOE state changes to “Stopped”

I have observed this while attempting to configure DSL with Verizon, Earthlink using Apple’s Airport (DE) router. It has also been observed with RCN’s cable modem service.

SOLUTION: You must let the address codes be timed out. We believe the address codes are held on the remote (ISP) end. (I have observed swapping DSL modems to see if the address codes are held by the modems themselves). We are still determining how long it takes the address codes to time out, but as of this writing (3/19/02) we are advising customers to remove power from the DSL modem or Cabale Modem at least 2 hours prior to when the DSL/Cable modem transfer is to be done.

By Jason

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