– Internet Explorer 5.1
– Suitcase 8.2

from 1/30/02:

It appears that Internet Explorer must added to Suitcase 8.2’s excluded applications list in order to avoid a crash during launch. Joe Jakubielski writes:

“After installing Explorer 5.1 by moving the files to my hard driver per the instructions, during launch the splash screen comes up (like it is launching normally), and I am asked if I want Explorer 5.1 as my default browser – then the application disappears and I’m returned to the Finder. Nothing else happens: there are n do error messages. I tried the usual troubleshooting steps, including trashing and deleting the Internet Preferences File, but nothing helped. Finally I contacted Microsoft tech support (a paid call) and learned that my Suitcase 8.2 MenuFonts Control Panel caused a conflict and I simply needed to open that control panel and add Explorer 5.1 to the Exclude Application list. That fixed the problem.”

By Jason

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