What are the things you can do in System Preferences -> Accounts?

Password – enter the users full name and short name; enter password and optional password hint.

Although it is possible to create a user without a password, doing so is discouraged for security reasons.

The short name can be up to 255 Roman characters, however, if the short name is longer than 32 characters then a folder will be created with a name longer than 32 characters which may cause some saving errors in Classic applications as well as some Mac OS X applications.

Picture – Select a log in picture, used as default for Address Book and iChat as well.

Security – used to enable FileVault and set the master password on the computer

Limitations – When logged in as an administrator user, the limitations pane will allow you to limit other users access. – remove items from dock, open all system prefs, change a password, burn as CD or DVD, also restrict by Application

You can set a user to be in Simple Finder – displays only folders the user has access to in the dock and does not allow users to save anything to the desktop.

Note: If you give a user access to a specific Word document, but you do not give the user access to the Word Application, that user will still be able to open Word by double-clicking on the file itself.

Startup Items – if you are modifying your own account, you can specify which items to startup automatically when you log-in.

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