Describe how to set up a simple Xsan volume

1 Set up the Fibre Channel network (page 54)
2 Set up the Ethernet network (page 54)
3 Set up SAN users and groups (page 54)
4 Set up LUNs (page 55)
5 Install Xsan software on SAN computers (page 55)
6 Log in to the SAN (page 57)
7 Choose a controller and add clients (page 58)
8 Label and initialize available LUNs (page 61)
9 Create volumes (page 63)
10 Add storage pools to volumes (page 65)
11 Add LUNs to storage pools (page 67)
12 (Optional) Set up status notifications (page 68)
13 (Optional) Assign folders to storage pools (page 69)
14 (Optional) Set user and group quotas (page 71)
15 Start the volumes and mount them on clients (page 73)

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