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GENERATIONS last updated May 2005 These three tech notes explain the various generations of G3, G4, and G5, when they were released, and the names associated with each. You can find much of this information at AppleSpec (below), but it is provided here as an easy-to-use note...

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************************************************  POWERBOOKS THE G3 Origional aka the 3500 + PowerBook G3 Origional, 250 mhz {SCA} ; looks like a PB3400; Nov 1997 THE MAIN STREEET & WALL STREET GENERATION - main street refers to the lower end models (cheaper); wall street refers to the higher end models (more expensive,...

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G4, Cube **************** PowerMac G4, CUBE **************** + G4 Cube 450, 500 mhz {UF}; 1 AGP slot; Sept 1999 **************** POWERMAC G3s & G4s **************** BEIGE GENERATIONS + G3 Mini Tower 266, 300 mhz {SCA}; 3 PCI, 1 Comm slot, beige; Nov 1997 + G3 Desktop 266, 300 mhz {SCA}; 3 PCI slots,...

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