– Rendezvous. threatening to networking community because it’s putting techs out of work.
– think about how this is changing the face of technology professionals.

– File Permissions

– How to share files over two or more small computers.
OS 10.2 Jaguar introduces full implementaiton of multipline users. Unfortunately, there is something sharply counter-intiuative about how it is implemented.

When you create a second user on an OS X system, OS X create a new user folder (in /Users) for that user and creates default folder for that user listed below.

– Documents
– Pictures
– Music

Each person who logs in to the computer gets their own set of preferences, destkop picture, and place to save their files. In fact, you can log in to your computer from another OS X mac anywhere in the world, if your mac is connected to a static IP address. In other words, User A can access any of User A’s files from a remote computer with User A’s password. User A cannot access anything in User B’s folder because the finder won’t let you go “back” to the list of users. In theory, you could set the

Unfortunately, this system makes it hard to use in a small office where two or three users want to be able to share files quickly. There are methods to set file permisions to allow User A to access User B’s folder, but in the Finder when you’re logged in as User A you can’t see the folder structures of the other users on the system.

There is a Shared (/Users/Shared) folder which is shared by everybody using the system. However, this shared folder is not an effective way for a small office to network because


Because of the limitations imposed by (1) the inability for User A to access anything in User B

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