For managed preferences where the user, group, and computer have different preferences managed, the behavior for each preference is either: inherit, override, or combine.

The logic is that each preference is evaluated separately — if the preference is only set for one– user, group, OR computer (and the others are not managed), then whichever one is set will become the result– this is called inherited

If the preference is set for more than one– user, group, and computer — then it depends on whether or not the preference itself can have only one value. For example, the Dock position can have only one value. The list of available Applications, or the items to launch at log-in, however, can have multiple values. If the preference can have only one value, then the override rule applies: the user trumps computer, and the computer trumps the group. (when combining preferences that can have only one value, the order of importance is: user, computer, group)

Finally, if the preference CAN have multiple values (like Log-in items or Applications), the user, group, and computer managed preferences are combined.

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