What is a package? What is the first step to making a package with PackageMaker? Describe the contents of an installation package that can be created with PackageMaker.

A package is a bundled file used by the Installer to install a specific piece of software.

First step: Create the folder structure on your hard drive exactly as you want to end on the users folder once installed. This consists of a root folder (which contains the eventual contents of your package). Also consists of a resource folder.

A package consists of the following components:
– bill of materials: a binary file that describes the contents of the package

– information property list: an XML file that contains the information entered in the package definition file when the package is created

– archive file: the set of files to be installed, also known as the payload. the archive file can be compressed to make the whole package smaller in size

– size-calculation file: a text file that contains the compressed and uncompressed sizes of the packages payload, which Installer uses to calculate the space required to install the payload

– Resources: optional files that Installer uses during an installation but doesnt install on the target computer. These include background picture used by the Installer, Read Me files, license-agreement files, and scripts.

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