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Jason Fleetwood-Boldt

A storage pool is a combination of LUNs. In a small volume it might consist of a single RAID array, but storage pools in many volumes consist of multiple arrays. Xsan distributes file data in parallel across the LUNs in a storage pool using a RAID...

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1 Set up the Fibre Channel network (page 54) 2 Set up the Ethernet network (page 54) 3 Set up SAN users and groups (page 54) 4 Set up LUNs (page 55) 5 Install Xsan software on SAN computers (page 55) 6 Log in to...

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- eliminates the bottlenecks of traditional network file servers that use Gigabit Ethernet and that are not fast enough to transfer dense formats such as HD video. - 2Gb-per-port connection for increased data transfer - multipathing: Apples Fibre Channel host bus adapters (HBAs) are dual-port...

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XSan provides fast, concurrent access to terabytes of centralized data. Combining it with Xserve RAID arrays and slices you can deploy large, easy-to-expand volumes of storage that clients use like local disks but are actually shared over a high-speed Fibre Channel fabric. ...

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