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Jason Fleetwood-Boldt

July is marketing & optimization month. Every day this month I will introduce a new tool for marketing or web optimization. To kick things off I'm starting with the most valuable of them all: The ultimate benchmarking tool for site speed optimization. You simply enter...

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I sit here as the World Health Organization declared last night a global pandemic due to COVID-19, and all everyone can seem to think or talk about is how scary this virus is. Nearly universally, as universities and events were canceled this week, workers across...

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A photograph on the backdrop of coronavirus panick throughout the city. Angus Grieve-Smith (@grvsmth) treated us to a display of how to audio interfaces using native web controls, appropriately titled "Web Audio With Javascript" Their website is Angus shows how to use native Javascript to...

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Slightest Effective Difference in UX Design

User animation teacher and prophet Edward Tufte is known for saying that when the UX designer wants to call attention to something on the interface, the smallest effective difference — that is, the smallest possible change — that the user will see is the only...

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