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Jason Fleetwood-Boldt

If you are getting this error after a Rails 2.3.3 update undefined method `rewind' for #<TCPSocket:0x3631e58> Try updating your version of passenger: sudo gem update passenger If you see this after a Rails 2.3.3 update, you need to update Phusion passenger update (I was upgrading from Passenger 2.1.3) sudo...

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Very quick rdebug primer for using the debugger in Mongrel. <h1>Setting Up your Environment for Debugging</h1> gem install ruby-debug If you're in textmate go to Bundles > Bundle Editor > Edit Snippits...

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Web Developer -- adds a robust set of tools to peek under the hood. Adds a toolbar to your windows to let you do things like disable Javascript, cookies, css, see field names for a form on the page etc. Firebug - the king of web...

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