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Jason Fleetwood-Boldt

WARNING: These instructions are for Facebook version 1 (not Facebooker2). Since last year, I have moved toward using a different gem for this due to Facebooker's lack of documentation. Working on a new blog post detailing that. So you want to write a Facebook app...

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This is a work in progress. Rails VersionRelease month 2.0.0Dec 2007 2.0.1Dec 2007 2.0.2Dec 2007 2.1.0May 2008 2.1.1Sept 2008 2.1.2Oct 2008 2.2.2Nov 2008 2.3.2March 09 2.3.3July 2009 2.3.4Sept 2009 2.3.5recently ...

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strftime() turns a Date or DateTime into nicely formatted output. The following table shows the code you can use to create a nicely formatted date

>> x =,9,5,15,45,50)
=> Sat, 05 Sep 2009 15:45:50 +0000

The default is %F which is the same as writing this.

>> x.strftime(‘%F’)
=> “2009-09-05”

Current timestamp with milliseconds.

#{‘%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S + %L’)}

The is the very bare-bones basics of git.

First, I am staring by assuming that someone else has already setup a git repository on github. If it is a private repository, the author must grant you access to that repository by adding your github account name to the project.

Once this is done, you will see this project under “Your repositories.”

Every git project has a git URL associated with it. You will find this URL on the project’s page.

If you are getting this error after a Rails 2.3.3 update undefined method `rewind' for #<TCPSocket:0x3631e58> Try updating your version of passenger: sudo gem update passenger If you see this after a Rails 2.3.3 update, you need to update Phusion passenger update (I was upgrading from Passenger 2.1.3) sudo...

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Very quick rdebug primer for using the debugger in Mongrel. <h1>Setting Up your Environment for Debugging</h1> gem install ruby-debug If you're in textmate go to Bundles > Bundle Editor > Edit Snippits...

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Web Developer -- adds a robust set of tools to peek under the hood. Adds a toolbar to your windows to let you do things like disable Javascript, cookies, css, see field names for a form on the page etc. Firebug - the king of web...

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