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Jason Fleetwood-Boldt

Note that AFP keeps an Access Log and an Error log. You can enable/disable the Access Log entirely (Server Admin->AFP-> Settings->Logging) Here you can choose to Archive the log every X days You can also select which events get logged: Login, Logout, Open File, Create File, Create Folder,...

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Files and folders are set with POSIX permissions and, if enabled on the volume, can also have File Access Control Lists applied inidividually. (Both are configured in WGM -> Sharing) File ACLs, which can be set in a granular way, override any POSIX permissions which they related...

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For managed preferences where the user, group, and computer have different preferences managed, the behavior for each preference is either: inherit, override, or combine. The logic is that each preference is evaluated separately -- if the preference is only set for one-- user, group, OR computer...

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When in Preferences (in WGM), you can manage each preference by user according to never, once or always. (this is done by going to the Overview tab when configuring a users Preferences in WGM). This displays a GUI for managing the Apple-related preference. Tiger introduces preference...

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