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Mention is the "be in the know" tool for marketers to understand what social media influencers are saying about keywords or topics. Mention also has comparative analysis and sophisticated change-over-time graphs for trend analysis. ...

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GSC shows you how many clicks your site gets from Google searches, pages with errors, performance over time, and more. Use GSC to remove content from Google's cache and search results too....

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Answer The Public Results

Sometimes Google searches are mundane, but sometimes they reveal dark secrets and things people "only ever dare share with Google." Answer The Public gives you insight into the psychology of internet searches in an intuitive sophisticated UX. ...

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SimiliarWeb is another tool for site analysis. Like Alexa, it shows you rankings of web traffic. SimilarWeb also has powerful tools to let you compare web traffic between websites....

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BuzzSumo is a great tool for trend analysis (what keywords are being talked about) across social media Facebook Twitter Pinterest Reddit and the web. ...

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