Another trend analysis tool for today that is focused on comparative social media analysis.

Today’s tool is and it is a fantastic tool for analyzing keywords and searches. BuzzSumo is like a search engine. However, it shows you timely content (that is, published with a date) related to your keywords. It also shows you how many people on different platforms are sharing the content.

Social View

Take a look at the BuzzSumo results for “content marketing.”

The top result is “How to Create 64 Pieces of Content Per Day” by current marketing and TikTok sensation Gary Vaynerchuk.

For this link hit from in Nov 2019, BuzzSumo tells me:

•  8000 people have engaged with it on Facebook (liked, shared or commented)

• this article got 14000+ Twitter shares,

• only 72 shares on Pinterest,

• how many people shared it on Reddit (0), and

• how many other links to this article were made across the internet (74).

Evergreen Score

Furthermore, it also shows an “Evergreen” score: This measures how much engagement it gets after 30 days in an ongoing way.

This is a measurement of how relevant it is in a long-term way, rather than temporarily relevant for a short duration.

As well, when searching for keywords, you can filter by language or country. This feature makes BuzzSumo an incredibly powerful tool for drilling into seeing who is publishing content related to your topic of interest.

This is just a small summary of a very powerful tool.

After that, other sections, like the “Discover” section, you can browse through trends (that is “buzz”) in a viewer that is more card-like. This view automatically updates in realtime!

All the Web

The content searcher lets you search by Web, YouTube, Facebook, or Backlinks.

The short pitch for BuzzSumo is:

When you want to get yourself into the conversation you need to see what people are saying. BuzzSumo is like a macro bird’s eye view into what is happening across social media channels and real-time content publishers (like blogs, media sites, etc) with sophisticated tools to let you discover trends and see what kinds of messages your market is receptive to.

It’s an invaluable tool for market research and has great potential for doing trend analysis and understanding social media.

By Jason

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