Ahrefs refer to the html tag known as the anchor tag (also known as a link), a very common tag developers and non-developers alike recognize:

<a href="www.google.com">Google</a>

This is how to make a normal link on a website. A backlink is a link from someone else’s website to your website. Thus, the Ahrefs Backlink Checker is a tool you use to see all the other links on the internet back to your website.

This page has a wealth of information, including multiple rating & scoring metrics for the domain.

Let’s explore some of the column heading here, which describe both what you are looking at and provide and provide some education into how the tool works.

The DR is the Domain Rating

UR rating is URL Rating

The Referring Domains is a count of how many unique referring domains link back to your domain. The traffic column is an estimate of your organic traffic (search results) came from that backlink. (That is, how much organic search traffic the referring page has.

Finally, the Anchor & Backlink column shows the anchor text of the backlink (That’s what people actually click on.)

Ahrefs Backlink Checker has even more tools too: competitive analysis (find out what keywords your competitors rank for that you don’t), email alerts, batch analysis, and broken links too.

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