Let’s take a road trip! Google Trends lets us see what people are searching for by region, over time, and comparative searches.

Let’s see how people are searching for the term “road trip” across America.

When viewed over time, people stopped search for “road trip” right aroudn the end of March when the quarnatine for the COVID pandemic came across America.

We can also see “road trip” searches by state, and interestingly, based on this data can conclude that people from the Northwestern part of America (Washington state, Oregon, Montana) take more road trips (or at least search on Google more times than people from the Southeast.)

The top state for searches for “Road trip” is Oregon, followed by Colorado, Wyoming, Washington state, and Utah.

Google trends suggests related search terms to “road trip” helpfully giving us insights into other things we can explore.


Google Trends also has powerful comparative analytics. Take a look at these two search terms; “beach trip” (shown in red) vs. “bike trip” (shown in blue)

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